Color Correction Procedures for the Pre-modified PU-20/PU-22 Mainboard
(Model SCPH-700x, SCPH-750x)

Correcting the color signal

Step 1
Desolder and remove the RFI shielding from the top of the mainboard.
Step 2
Cut the trace that runs from pin 157 of IC203 just above pin 157.
Step 3
Locate a pad further up that same trace and solder a wire from that pad to either the groundplane for PAL (SCPH-7002/7502) consoles or Vdd for NTSC (SCPH-7000/7001/7500/7501) consoles.
Step 4
Resolder the RFI shielding in place.


Reverse the disassembly instructions and test operations before replacing the bottom cover screws.