Installation of the 12c508 4/5-wire Mod
for an 80-pin QFP PlayStation

Removal of the PSX cover

Removal of the laser housing

Removal of the controller/memory card housing

Removal of the heavy metal bracket

Removal of the circuit board

Mounting the chip

Making the connections between the chip and the PSX PC board

Relevant pins of the 8-pin 12c508 chip

With the chip right-side up and the notch at the top, pin numbers are read counting down the left side from 1 to 4, and up the right side counting from 5 to 8. Pin 8 is located directly across the chip from pin 1.

	      1 - Vcc
              2 - pin 22 of QFP (N/C in 4-wire version)
              5 - pin 2 of 082B
              6 - pin 32 of QFP
              8 - GND

Key for subsequent diagrams

Pin 1 -> VCC

Locate a 7805 regulator approximately 3 inches diagonally up and to the left from the bottom right of the board. This regulator will only have three pins on it, all on the top side of the chip. Connect pin 1 on the 12c508 to the leftmost pin on the regulator.

Pin 2 -> pin 22 of QFP (oscillator - not connected in 4-wire)

Pin 5 -> pin 2 of 082B (gate wire)

Just to the left of, and about 1.75 inches below the SEC Korea chip.

Pin 6 -> pin 32 of QFP (data wire)

Just above that same chip.

Pin 8 -> GND

That's all there is to it. Be sure to insulate the chip from the metal plate on the bottom of the PSX. Now, just reverse everything you did to take this thing apart, and you're done. Fire it up and play your imports without having to swap ever again.