Installation Instructions

A few words of advice in advance:

  1. These documents are provided for the convenience of PS-Mod Solutions customers. They are not guaranteed to work with any other vendor's products and PS-Mod Solutions does not provide support regarding these instructions for non-customers.
  2. Read the instructions fully before touching any hardware.
  3. This should not be your first soldering project. While not difficult, practice on something else.
  4. Your soldering iron should be no more than 20 watts and have a grounded tip, as you will be soldering directly to a static-sensitive CMOS part.

6-wire 16c54 Mod Chip Installation

4/5-wire 12c508 Mod Chip Installation
(Suitable for Anti-Piracy Version)

Stealth (Anti-Chip Defeater) Chip Installation

Stealth v2a (Chips shipped after 1999.3.29)

Colormod Installation

Color Correction

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