PS-Mod Solutions is proud to be the exclusive worldwide distributor for the REI Color Correction Module. In addition to the normal mod-chip functionality, this module allows NTSC games to be played in full color on PAL consoles and vice-versa (there are two versions available, one for each video type of original console - please mention if you require a module for PAL games on an NTSC console).

This small circuit board, attached to your Playstation by a supplied cable harness, mounts securely on the upper plate of the PS and is not just loosely taped into place or left to move around freely inside the console as most mod chips tend to be.

Upon special request the Colormod can be supplied in an Anti-Piracy version that will boot only original games of any region, but not copies.

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Pricing information:
QuantityUnit Cost(US$)Unit Cost(JPY)
1-9$253000 Yen
10-24$202400 Yen

The module is also available without the color conversion feature at the following pricing:
QuantityUnit Cost(US$)Unit Cost(JPY)
1-9$202400 Yen
10-24$172040 Yen

Online Installation Instructions

Shipping/handling costs are US$5.00/600 Yen per order for international air small-packet shipping. Please inquire for air express shipping information.

Payment should be made via International Postal Money Order from abroad. International Postal Money Orders are obtained from your local post office. Banks do not issue them. If you got something from your bank it is NOT an IPMO. Any order not accompanied by an IPMO will be rejected and returned. Inquire for domestic japanese orders.

For ordering information via postal mail, please email to

Note: For color correction only (if a normal mod chip is already installed) on SCPH-700x consoles, only a single cut and strap are required. Purchase of the colormod is not necessary. A document on this will be available in the installation section shortly.